Nod Head Records: Sudden Changes Surrounding Mega Record Release ‘My Little Dance’

Rumors have been circulating in the music industry that Nat Gem, the highly-touted newcomer to Nod Head Records, may no longer be a part of the label.

While the executives at Nod Head Records have remained tight-lipped about the issue, sources suggest that global remixes of the predicted TikTok sensation, ‘My Little Dance,’ are currently in production, featuring a replacement artist yet to be named.

The original version of the single, which is set to be released on Friday, April 21, is expected to remain the same with Nat Gem as a feature. However, industry insiders predict that the song has the potential to be a song of the year candidate.

According to CEO Tip Trillions, a highly-touted EDM mix is currently underway and is expected to debut in the U.S., UK, Tokyo, and the Philippines in early June of this year. The EDM mix will reportedly feature a replacement artist, yet to be named.

Marty MacPhly, the label’s lead artist and executive, confirmed the development of the EDM mix but declined to comment on the rumors surrounding Nat Gem’s departure. The record label, known for its commitment to drug-free and nonviolent content, has already seen significant changes this year after inking a distribution deal with Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group with undisclosed financial terms.

As the industry waits to hear more about the future of ‘My Little Dance’ and the involvement of Nat Gem, the anticipation for the single’s release continues to grow.

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