Tip Trillions Announces Nod Head Records Global Partnership and Expansion

Nod Head Records, a music production and distribution company, is set to establish new offices outside the US in Tokyo and the UK

Phoenix, Arizona Apr 19, 2023 (Issuewire.com)  – Nod Head Records, a music production and distribution company, is set to establish new offices outside the US in Tokyo and the UK, as the company continues its growth and expansion. Felix “Tip Trillions” Horne, the company’s Founder and CEO, along with Co-founder and Executive Vice President Dustin Petz, have been actively seeking opportunities to expand the company’s reach, and have announced a new partnership with Fero Media, a renowned media production and distribution company based in London, England.

Fero Media, led by visionary leader Femi Iloyi, is a prominent name in the UK media industry. The partnership between Nod Head Records and Fero Media has been in the works for the past three years, with both companies seeking to collaborate and bring their respective expertise and strengths to the table. While the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays in establishing the partnership, terms are now being finalized, and both companies are eager to begin working on exciting new music and media projects.

“We are thrilled to partner with Fero Media in London,” said Horne. “Femi Iloyi is a leader in media production and distribution, and we believe that our partnership will benefit both companies. Our shared commitment to high-quality content and production values is a perfect match, and we look forward to bringing new music and media projects to audiences in the UK and beyond.”

In addition to the partnership, Nod Head Records is introducing a brand-new abbreviated logo design featuring the trademarked headphones, which partially encompass the acronym “NHR” for Nod Head Records. The updated logo design was created by Dustin Petz, who also designed the original logo. There have been rumors that the new version may incorporate the cities in which the company has established offices, specifically Phoenix and London.

For more information about Nod Head Records and its partnerships, visit the company’s website at www.nodheadrecords.com.

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