Nod Head Records Introduces Nod Head Nation

This past Saturday February 11, 2023 Nod Head Records formally introduced itself and its own artists fan club to the city of Phoenix. Some of the label’s artists participated in football activities with young people at The Marc Atkinson Center in the North Phoenix area.

The Nod Head artists gave away Nod Head Nation t-shirts. Nod Head Nation (NHN) is a specialized fan club established by Nod Head Records. The special purpose of NHN is to promote Nod Head Records artists while adding value to lower income communities.

While the company now focuses on lower income areas in Phoenix, Arizona it says it will eventually target underserved areas in the United States, and in time intends on expanding throughout the world.

NHN partner Lindsay Manchua explained to us that the company aspires to utilize organic, recycled and sustainable materials for its wearable merchandise. Manchua says the company also intends on educating young people on the benefits of living an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

Nod Head Records is led by CEO Felix “Tip Trillions” Horne and Executive Vice President Dustin Petz. Both were in attendance for the festivities in Phoenix on Saturday morning in addition to several artists from the label including Dres Smuzic, Nat Gem, Saucy, Just P, and newcomer but veteran lyricist, Martin “Marty MacPhly” Nash who Horne told us is closing a deal with Nod Head Records that includes executive level management.

Several executive producers and contributors associated with the label were also in attendance.

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